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Update: We’ve made a few additions and corrections to this FAQ, primarily in the (now-renamed) Class, Timetable & Care Group section. Updates are all in green.

Alright Freshies, we’re putting together a short, quick FAQ together to help with the queries we’ve been seeing these past few weeks. For ease of reading, we’ve split them up into the following categories:

  • Orientation
  • Class, Timetable & Care Group
  • Laptops

We’ll also be updating this post with more information whenever necessary. Do let us know if you’d like more details on a particular issue.


1. What orientation programmes are there and must I go for them all?
There are 2 types of orientation programmes, the one organised by the TP Student Union (of which there are 2 versions), and the Week Zero Orientation.

Here’re the quick facts about the TP Student Union orientation:

  • 11 – 13 April for the non-residential camp, a.k.a the Freshmen Orientation Workshop or FOW. Participants get to go home every day.
  • 14 – 16 April for the residential camp, a.k.a. the Freshmen Orientation Camp or FOC. Participants stay overnight in TP for the first two days.
  • Both these orientation programmes are OPTIONAL. They also require registration, but sign-ups are closed now as they’re fully-subscribed.
  • Students are not grouped up according to your course.

The Week Zero Orientation is a school-specific programme and thus differs from school to school. Here’re some quick facts on them:

  • The Week Zero Orientation is COMPULSORY.
  • Applied Science – 18 to 21 April. Students will stay overnight on 19 April, go home to rest on 20 April and return on 21 Apr.
  • Business – 20 to 21 April. No overnight stay for BUS students.
  • Design – 18 to 21 April. Students will stay overnight on 19 & 20 April.
  • Engineering – 19 to 21 April. No overnight stay for ENG students.
  • Informatics & IT – 19 to 21 April. Students will stay overnight on 19 April.
  • Humanities & Social Sciences – 19 to 21 April. No overnight stay for HSS students.
  • Freshies will be grouped up according to your courses.

2. I really want to go to the FOC / FOW but registration is closed! How??
Send an email to and they’ll see if they can facilitate your registration.

3. I need to go off early on some days / I can’t stay overnight. What do I do?
Just let your orientation leaders know once you’re here, and the reasons why you can’t be around.

4. I haven’t received my orientation letter for the FOC / FOW / Week Zero Orientation!
The FOC & FOW will email you the orientation letter, and has already been sent out. If you registered but didn’t receive it, check your Junk / Spam folder as it sometimes can get filtered out. If it’s not there, email and let them know.

The Week 0 Orientation letter arrival date depends on your school. Engineering students should have already received theirs, for example, while IIT students will receive theirs later. If you do not receive your Orientation letter by next week, contact your school’s General Office.

The number of your General Office is on page 21 of your Enrolment Guide.

5. What do I wear / bring to Orientation?
This depends on the programme – your orientation letter / email should state what is required for you to bring. Also, your orientation leaders will usually tell you what to wear the next day.

As a general rule of thumb though, dress comfortably. If you want to bring an extra set of clothes (e.g. sports attire) just in case, feel free to do so.

Oh and remember to bring your indemnity form! Please have your parents / guardian sign it and bring it on the first day you come for orientation (even if it’s not the first day of the orientation programme itself). Some of you will need to download the form, while others will receive a physical form to fill in. If your orientation letter doesn’t have a separate form, you can count the indemnity form you submitted with your Envelope A as well.


1. When will I know my class / timetable / classmates?

You will receive your class list and timetable during the orientation. Currently, many students are already reporting that they can access their class info by logging into the Student Information Update web app.

2. I can’t log in!
As a general rule of thumb – if you can access your student email, you should be able to access the student portal. If you can’t, it might be because:

  • You typed in your password wrongly. Your password is the 6-digit figure under your barcode of the Enrolment Letter with a capital “B” in front. You need to add a capital “T” to that barcode as your default password. It should look something like – TB123456.
  • The last letter of your login ID must also be in caps. e.g. 0011222A
  • You changed your email password sometime ago. Use your new password instead – your account is linked.
  • You changed your password but there was a typo you didn’t notice. In this case you need to reset your password – call Cyber Centre at 6780 5393.

3. I can’t see my class!
Not all students will be able to see it yet, as not all courses have updated the system. We’ll be rolling this out in waves – you should be able to see more updates over the next 2 weeks, and will definitely be able to see it by the Week Zero Orientation.

4. What’s a Care Group?
In Temasek Polytechnic, we have a system called the Campus Care Network, basically designed to provide an avenue of help for students who are in need. Students are all assigned a Care Group (CG) under a Care Person (usually a lecturer), whom they can approach when they’re facing issues in school or in their personal life.

Some fast facts:

  • Depending on your course, your care group and/or care person might remain the same for your 3 years in TP, or change from year to year.
  • Again depending on your course, your care group and class might be the same – in this case you will share the same tutorial and lecture timings and venues.
  • For others, your class and your care group will differ. You will not attend the same classes as your CG as a whole, though you will participate in a class known as APEL (Applied Principles for Effective Living) together.

1. When is the TP Laptop Fair?
It’ll be from 25 to 29 April at the Temasek Polytechnic School of Engineering (basically, it’ll be on the first week of school).

2. What will be sold, and for how much?
You can find that information on our Student E-Lifestyle webpage. Price packages will be updated once the vendors update us.

3. What brand of laptop is most suited for my course?
Actually, this question is quite subjective. Design students tend to favour Macs, as do some other courses, but this is entirely up to personal preference. We recommend that you wait till the orientation to make your decision – ask your seniors, they’ll give excellent advice.

4. Is having a laptop in TP compulsory?

4.1. What? Why?? Even if I’m in the School of IIT?
This is because we have abundant computer labs in TP where you can do your work. These computers are also pre-loaded with the required software. If you want it on your laptop, you’ll have to buy it yourself – and many of these software programmes can be expensive.

5. Do we need to have our laptops configured in TP for anything?
Yes, you need to have it configured for Wi-fi access and access to our Intranet. You can do it yourself if you’ve IT savvy, but otherwise you need to bring your laptop to the TP Cyber Centre.

6. Will the laptops we buy at the fair come with Microsoft Office pre-installed?
No it won’t. You can, however, buy it at a special price of $128.40 from vPost.

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  1. Fabian

    Hi Joy! If you would like to opt out of staying overnight, do speak to the group leaders when you come to the Orientation. They should be able to help! =)

  2. Fabian

    Hi! You should be able to access the Student Emails by this week. If you’re still unable to by the end of the week, let us know! As for the configuration of your laptops – your laptops will only need some simply configuration for accessing our Wi-fi. Typically speaking, your course should not require any specific configuration of your laptop, as students are not all required to have a laptop.



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