PG Seminar 2015 – The Ultimate Polytechnic Experience for Parents

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The Parental Guidance Seminar 2015 was met with fervent enthusiasm once again by parents and students as the Temasek Convention Centre was filled to the brim last Satuday! TP organises the PG Seminar every year especially for parents of students taking the O levels, to provide information on all aspects of a polytechnic education so that parents leave better informed and well-equipped to guide their child as they embark on the next stage of their educational journey.

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When asked why parents should attend the PG Seminar, Mrs Samantha Ong, parent of TP students and one of the panelists at PG Seminar 2015 said,

“Parents are the ones who know their child best. Knowing what their child is passionate about and then equipping themselves with all the knowledge they can possibly get about that particular course of study will leave them in the best position to guide their child through making the best decision. And that is where TP’s Parental Guidance Seminar will come in handy”

Samantha is mother to two girls who are both TP students. Tessa, the older daughter graduated from the Diploma in Aviation Management & Services this year and received the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew award. Genevieve, the younger daughter, is currently a Year 3 student from the Diploma in Psychology.

Both sisters have rather different paths laid out before them, so how then did Samantha advise them? “Knowing where their interests lie and allowing them to pursue it will ensure that they excel in whatever they choose to do”, she says.

Genevieve affirms her mum’s support, saying, “Ultimately, she gave us the freedom to pick what we wanted to do and supported us.”

Samantha, Tessa and Genevieve were joined by second-year student Joel and his parents Ricky and Juliana. Together, the quintet shared about their TP journey, talking about everything from their successes to their stresses (of involved parents, as always!).

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TP’s registrar Ms Sharon Soh, who is in charge of all admissions-related matters, also shared handy and essential  information on how the admission process works, and student life in TP. PG Seminar wrapped up with guided tours of all the different schools, offering parents a sneak peek into the learning facilities and hands-on experiences at TP, as well as the opportunity to speak with lecturers and students, and find out more about individual courses in greater detail.

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With informative topics of discussion, engaging sharing sessions and interactive tours, many parents have expressed that they were in a better position to advise their child on post-Secondary options after the event. In fact, more than 4,000 parents and students have benefited from the PG Seminar thus far. We sure hope you were one of them!