Apr 2014

Temasek’s me, Temasek’s You, We are a Team!

And with a heavy heart, I hereby declare TP Freshman Orientation 2014 over.

*Cue tears*

If you, like me, find yourself suddenly bursting into cheers and songs for no apparent reason, don’t despair. I believe we’re all suffering from Post Orientation Why-Is-It-Overrrrrr syndrome! Nothing some good old-fashioned sleep can’t cure. Luckily for us, Freshman Orientation wraps up with a Public Holiday so hooray! I know I’ll be sleeping the weekend away because of the exhaustion but I have that secret fear that I’ll be breaking out in cheers while my tired mind goes into sleep mode. Imagine my sister sleeping soundly only to be awoken by my sudden ‘TP OEI!”




The past two weeks have been nothing but an endless fiesta of sorts on campus. Everywhere I turned I was swarmed with a sea of vibrant colours while an endless orchestra of cheers and songs simultaneously invaded my eardrums!

Last week kicked off with the Freshmen Orientation Camp and Workshop organised by Temasek Poly Student Union (TPSU) and the Week of Welcome (WOW) Orientation organised for our international students. The Week Zero Orientation, the biggest of all orientations, commenced at the start of this week. Week Zero Orientation is school centered and is an opportunity for freshies from each school to come together and get a slice of the quintessential TP experience. Since then, TP has seen two whole weeks of non-stop cheering, dancing, singing and a never-ending slew of other activities which included wet games, morning PT, mass dance sessions, flag-making and that list goes on and on and onnnnnnnnnn!








From the first day, the Group Leaders (GLs) welcomed the freshies by cheering and singing their hearts and lungs out (yes, they started that early!) as they came through the school gates. Any semblance of personal space was ignored as they ran across the plaza like they were welcoming their long lost friends. But then again, I’m sure you will all agree with me that Week Zero created some of the best friendships you have ever experienced no?

I have to give an A+ to the Group Leaders for their boundless energy throughout the week. *Somebody hand them an award already!!*

Witnessing the events for the past two weeks, one thing was for sure. The verse, ‘Temasek’s me, Temasek’s You, We are a Team!’ from the TP Song could not ring more true!

Everywhere I turned groups of freshies and GLs were huddled together in cheer, intertwined in a mass dance step or posing for a selfie. Even the staff couldn’t resist joining in the fun as they gathered for the TP Song. The camaraderie that surrounded me was both uplifting and truly magnificent. There was no warmer welcome to the TP family than what I’d witnessed for the past fortnight.








Little did I know that whatever the last day had in store for me would blow me away beyond words.  The grand finale of the Week Zero Freshmen Orientation is TP’s very own Regatta, held in our ‘backyard’ Bedok Reservoir.

Comprising of seven official races which include the freshmen, junior/seniors, alumni and staff categories, TP’s Regatta is a must-attend for everyone who is part of the TP family.


Cheers and songs filled the air from the get go and I don’t think there was ever a silent moment. The energy surrounding me was infectious as I found myself tapping my feet to the beat (okay, I would’ve cheered along if I knew all the words!). And then, the first whistle blew and I’m pretty sure I went deaf at some point after that!





The School of Engineering emerged Champions once again as they nabbed first place in four out of seven races! This year, the Most Spirited School and Best Cheer went to The School of Applied Sciences, a first for them. As the results of the winning teams were announced, I witnessed something that left me feeling prouder than ever to be part of Team Temasek. Even though all the six schools had to compete with one another during the Inter-School races, everyone who was present during the prize presentation ceremony cheered louder than they ever did throughout all the races for their ‘opponents’. In fact they even had cheers prepared for them!

“G-O-O-D, Good Job *clap clap* Good Job!”

See, I told you I know some of the cheers!




Soooo…….. to our dearest Freshmen, welcome to the TP Family. It’s a choice you will never regret. TEMASEK’S ME, TEMASEK’S YOU, WE ARE A TEAM!

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Apr 2014

Yes Can I Help Choo! #4 – Food on Campus for $3!

In our last and final installment of ‘Yes, Can I help choo!’, we look at food on campus for under $3! Yes, you read right! All of three dollars.

Do you ever reminisce about those days in primary school when a plate of mee rebus only set you back a dollar! Or a soy sauce chicken drumstick costs you a mere 50 cents?! And how can we forget the $1.50 nasi lemak.

Hmmm….. I’m drooling all over again just thinking about it!

If you’re a foodie like me and ate your way through primary and secondary school, then you will find this post very useful!

Want the quintessential TP food experience but are on a tight budget? Here is a list of our top three picks for cheap eats under $3 – trust me when I say that narrowing down this list was HARD because of the myriad of options available!

Hope you’ve a napkin beside you because the drool fest is about to begin!

Chinese Cooked Food, The Business Park #01-03

Dish: Fried Fish Bee Hoon Soup

Price: $2.50

What We Think

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

It may not look like much but this fried fish bee hoon soup will have you returning to the Chinese Cooked Food stall at The Business Park time and time again, I promise you. This soupy concoction will leave your taste buds tingling with just the perfect blend of comfort and flavour.  If you can pry yourself away from sipping the soup to try the chunks of fried fish in this dish, then you will be amazed at its ability to remain crisp despite being soaked in the flavourful broth. You can opt for the healthier option of sliced fish instead of fried fish. Not a fan of noodles? Then go for the option of a bowl of rice that will soak up the delectable soup! All this soupy goodness for a mere $2.50, I don’t know about you but I’m about to have myself another bowl of fried fish soup… or two!

Muslim Food, The Designer Pad #01-04

Dish: Nasi Padang

Price: $2.00 – $3.00

What We Think

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Famous for its snaking long queue, the nasi padang at the halal Muslim Food stall at The Designer Pad is a MUST TRY if you’re part of the TP family! And it will be well worth your time I assure you! This heavenly combination of rice, vegetables, meat and spices will leave your taste buds exploding with an amalgamation of incredible flavours and textures! Now the best part of this whole experience, you will be spoilt for choice! I often find myself standing in front of the endless array of colourful dishes giddy with excitement at the gastronomic affair that awaits me that I scramble to pick my dishes! Come with a roaring appetite and you will leave extremely satisfied without burning a large hole in your pocket. Yes, you heard right! A plate of rice, fried chicken, bean sprouts and sambal goreng (A protein rich spicy coconut vegetable dish) cost me only $2.60! All that’s missing on my plate (below) is the crowning glory of nasi padang, a begedil (Malay potato patties). Guess I’ll be making a trip to the School of Design soon (yayyy)!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Western Delights, Flavours Food & Beverages

Dish: Spaghetti Bolognaise

Price: $2.80

What We Think

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Too hot and bothered to have lunch? Relax and head over to Flavours Food & Beverages, the canteen at IT and Applied Science (otherwise commonly called ITAS). The only air-conditioned canteen on campus, it is also entirely halal. Tucked at the back is the western food stall aptly named Western Delights. If you only have a few minutes to spare between lectures and starving then the Spaghetti Bolognaise is just the dish for you! Served with either chicken or beef, you can dig into a bowl of spaghetti topped with tender, flavourful sauce and some good parmesan cheese. This sauce is spot on and exactly what you need to curb the mid-lecture hunger pangs that might attack you! A small bowl will only cost you $2.80. If you have a few more minutes to spare, then upsize your meal for just 40 cents more!

So there you have it, cheap eats for under $3 only in TP! If you made plans to eat out, think again! With so many cheap dishes to choose from, you might end up having two lunches! Did I just say that out loud?!!!

Happy (cheap) eating!


TP foodie


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Apr 2014

Yes Can I Help Choo! #3 – These Amazing Facilities Are Waiting For You!

Need to pay your bills? Fancy a game of tennis with your new classmates? Or simply want a dip in the pool to cool down in this sweltering heat?  As you join us and embark on your polytechnic education, you will realise that there are numerous amenities on campus that you would rarely see in most secondary schools.

Examples of these include an eleven storey library, state of the art sports centre and convenience store. With such facilities awaiting you, we at Temasek Polytechnic have decided to be nice enough to provide you with a guide to them! We will be giving you an insight into six of our amazing facilities and what you can expect from them. So let’s get into it!

Temasek Polytechnic Library


Being students, you will have to brave the inevitable onslaught of class tests, quizzes, projects and exams (Trust us it’s for your own good!). A big part of these assignments is research and where better than the library to get all the info you need! Standing at eleven storeys high, it’s one of the tallest libraries amongst all the educational institutions in Singapore.

Located along the horseshoe plaza, its entrance is hard to miss with the presence of two gigantic gantries beyond its sliding doors. Step inside and you will be amazed at how quiet and conducive it is for the completion of assignments or projects(Rumour has it that students go in there for a quick nap, we shall pretend not to know!).  The library’s numerous computer terminals also ensure that you have access to the net and word processing software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. To make things better, students with their own laptops also have access to Wireless LAN and Network Access Points!


The library also has numerous books and databases in its arsenal. Ranging from hard cover books to online journal articles and specialist databases, students will be spoilt for choice in terms of research material. Examples of databases would include EBSCO host (it gives you access to various scholarly articles at the click of mouse) and Flight Global Pro (designed specifically to give students instant access to articles on aviation related matters).

To complete the roster, the library also gives students access to audio and visual material. This includes informational DVD’s and music CD’s ranging from jazz to rock! Talk about balancing work and play!


Temasek Polytechnic Sports and Arts Centre

This four storey beauty recently opened its doors to students and boy does it have a lot to offer! Situated beside the existing sports complex, this state of the art centre ensures that students have access to the best sporting facilities.

Upon entering the complex, you might mistake yourself for having entered an Olympic sporting complex! Here’s what you guys can expect to see at the centre!


*Students do note that our sports complex (stadium, running track and gym) is currently going through renovation and will be ready in due time.

1)      Indoor Courts

As you enter the indoor courts on the third floor, the first thing that overcomes you is its sheer size. Spread out as far as the eye can see are three multi-purpose courts which can be used for a wide array of sports ranging from badminton to volleyball. Equipped with courtside seats, the indoor courts are sure to be in possession of an electric atmosphere during sporting events. Open from 8.30 am to 9.00 pm on weekdays and 8.30 am to 5.00 pm on Saturdays, the courts are available for booking by students via the online web booking for facilities. The indoor courts are definitely an incentive to finally adopt that healthy lifestyle we have been putting off all this while!


2)      Tennis courts

Fancy being the next Roger Federer or Rafa Nadal? Well here is your chance! The sports and arts centre has four rooftop tennis courts. Yes you heard that right, four! Situated on the fourth floor, students can enjoy a game of tennis in the serenity of a rooftop setting. And don’t worry about sending errant tennis balls on unsuspecting pedestrians. The courts come with adequate fencing which is sure to trap those stray volleys. Each court is also equipped with a floodlight which would make playing a casual game in the mild evening weather a breeze. Seeing these courts have definitely made me want to try my hand at tennis!


3)      Dance Studios

With the recent craze for dance based workout sessions like Zumba, the sports centre comes equipped with state of the art dance studios. With fancy lights and mirrors you could easily mistake yourself for being in a professional studio. The studio however is not open for recreational use, which would mean that students would have to belong to one of Temasek’s dance clubs to have access to the studio. Well peeps if you fancy re-enacting scenes from Flash Dance, we suggest you join a dance related Co-Curricular activity!

Cheers Convenience Store – School Of Business (Block 26 Level 2)


The presence of a convenience store on campus is evidence of the step up you have made from secondary to tertiary level education. Located at the school of business, the cheers convenience store allows students to get refreshments at any time of the day. Feel like a curry puff or a nice chilled drink on a hot day? Well Cheers will fulfil your cravings. Open from 8 am to 8pm on Weekdays and 8 am to 12 noon on Saturdays, students can be assured of refreshments when the canteens are closed. Truly convenient we say!

Swimming Pool


Aspire to be the next Tao Li? Well you can take the first steps to achieving those goals at our very own competition and training swimming pools! Located beside the Temasek Culinary Academy, the pools are open from 9 am to 9 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 6 pm on weekends. Users of the pool are required to be in adherence to safety rules and being properly attired when swimming.


The two pools also cater to swimmers of different levels. Beginner/new swimmers can use the smaller sized training pool whilst advanced swimmers can use the 50M competition pool. With swimming proven to improve heart function and build muscle mass (guys a tip to impress the ladies!), the pools definitely help to promote a healthy lifestyle. Jump in and enjoy!

Printshop – The Plaza (Administration Block 9), Promenade Level, Next to the School Of Design General Office


Alright like we mentioned before, you will inevitably be swamped with assignments and projects during your three year stay here at TP. One big aspect of these assignments is the printing out of readings and research materials. To help you get by with the printing of these materials, TP has a printing shop on campus. Xorex Pte Ltd offers colour printing, photocopying and binding services to students. With the library only allowing students to photocopy a limited amount of information, the printing shop comes as a welcome addition on campus. Students will not only be able to photocopy all the information they need, they will also have access to colour printing facilities and laminating/binding services to help organise their notes and study materials. So guys if you ever forget to print something and need it urgently, the print shop is always there for you!


ATM’s/AXS Station

Okay hands up all of you who have been in desperate search of an ATM in an unfamiliar area? We sure have found ourselves in that situation one too many times! Well freshies lets us comfort you with what we have to say next. We don’t have one but two ATMs on campus!

The DBS ATM is located at The Plaza, next to the overhead bridge and entrance of The School of Engineering. With DBS being one of the most commonly used ATMs in Singapore, students will now have ready access to drawing money and will never have to worry about being broke for the day!


Users of others banks fret not! OCBC also has an ATM at the School Of Business beside the cheers convenience store. One thing we cannot assure you of though is the waiting time. With a large student population on campus, there is a high tendency for long queues at the two machines. A friendly word of advice would be to try to visit them during off peak hours!


To top things off, we also have an AXS machine right here on campus at the One Stop Centre! Students can now pay their handphone bills, top up their EZ link cards and even purchase movie tickets whilst they are at school! Now how convenient is that? I sure wish these facilities were around when I was in school. #youguysarelucky


So there you have it guys, a guide to the many facilities we have on campus that will help make things enjoyable and convenient for you during your three years here. Next up will be the last of our four-part Freshmen guide, Food on Campus! Wait for it, wait for it!

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Apr 2014

Yes Can I Help Choo! #2 – Don’t get lost!

You’ve successfully survived the first 10-11 years of school. Well done.

Now for some disorder in your life. Two key items to own, ALARM CLOCK and EZLINK CARD!



Remember the daily grind of 7.30am to 2pm lessons? Time to rejoice for you will be breaking out of that routine cycle! Uniforms aren’t the only thing you will be saying goodbye to (be sure not to follow in the footsteps of some of our “Campus Fashionistas”).  Gone are the days of arriving in school while it’s still dark outside followed by a never-ending series of lessons.

Soon-to-be-adults, you now bear the responsibility of showing up and arriving for lessons on time.


Bye bye school buses! If you’re so fortunate as to have your schedule match that of your parents’ then hooray to free rides! If not, buckle up for it’s time to get comfy on MRTs and buses! As it closes in on exam time, the train and bus seats will begin to resemble your bed at home as you rush from home to school.

If it’s your first time taking public transportation to school, you’re likely to feel anxious and a little unsure about the whole situation. But never fear, we have gathered all the information on some of the fastest and most convenient ways to arrive on campus.


First up, bus routes for all you bus lovers! Our massive campus is home to three bus stops – Temasek Poly East Gate (Bus Stop No: 75229), Temasek Poly (Bus Stop No: 75239) and Temasek Poly West Gate (Bus Stop No: 75249). Here are some of the buses that stop right at our doorstep:

  • BUS 8 from Tampines Interchange/Toa Payoh Interchange
  • BUS 15 from Eunos Interchange/Paris Ris Interchange
  • BUS 23 from Tampines Interchange, looping from Rochor Canal Road
  • BUS 69 from Tampines Interchange/Bedok Interchange
  • BUS 518 from Pasir Ris Interchange, looping from Orchard Road

If you’re hailing from far off locations like Yishun and Woodlands, here are some hassle-free bus routes you can take.

From Yishun and Woodlands

  • BUS 168 from Woodlands Interchange to Safra Tampines, and transfer to Bus 8, 15, 23 or 518.
  • BUS 969 from Yishun to Tampines Interchange, and transfer to Bus 8, 23, or 69.  

You are advised to take Bus 168 if you’re coming from Woodlands as opposed to Bus 969, which also travels through Woodlands, as you can shave off at least 30 minutes off your commute since the former does not travel through Yishun.


Next up, MRT routes! Tampines Interchange is located a stone’s throw away from Tampines MRT station (EW2). Once you’ve alighted at Tampines MRT station (EW2), transfer to Bus 8, 23, or 69 at the Tampines Bus Interchange.


The shortest out of the three routes is via Bus 23. You will arrive at the TP’s main bus stop in five short stops. This journey will take you between 15 minutes to 25 minutes depending on traffic. The roads along Tampines Avenue One can get extremely congested between 8am to 9.30am every morning. So be sure to leave early and plan your route ahead to avoid getting caught in traffic!

If you’re coming from Jurong or anywhere from the west, we strongly advise you to hop on the East-West (green line) bound train from Jurong East MRT station (EW24) to Tampines MRT station. This journey will take you approximately 48 minutes.

Alternatively you can alight at Bedok MRT Station (EW5), and transfer to Bus 69 at the temporary Bedok Bus Interchange. TP’s main bus stop is eight stops away and this journey will take you approximately 25 minutes.

If you’re one of those who loves being on time and have a smartphone, then download the application SG Buses to get information on arrival times of SBS and SMRT buses. It also shows you nearby bus stops and bus routes. Best part of this is that it will cost you absolutely nothing!


Since it’s been announced that Poly students can now enjoy cheaper concession pass prices, we highly recommend that you apply for one. A hybrid pass (bus and train) will cost you $51 a month and you can enjoy unlimited bus and train rides.

(Basic bus services)
(Unlimited train rides)
$27.50 $25.00 $51.00


Last but not least, the caring folks at Temasek Poly’s Student Affairs & Alumni (SAA) department have implemented a shuttle bus service from several locations in the East and North-East. And that’s not all! Currently, the shuttle bus service is offered free of charge! All you need is your matriculation card during boarding.

The shuttle bus service operates from Monday to Friday during Term 1 to Term 4 and Semestral Examinations excluding Public Holidays. This service ceases during breaks, study weeks and vacations.

Information on TP’s shuttle bus service can be found on the website here.


So there you have it, a compilation of some of the most convenient and hassle-free ways to get to TP. We sure hope you will find this useful for your daily commute. If you know of any other shorter routes to get to campus, do drop us a note!  We would love to share this with the rest of the TP family. After all, sharing is caring!

Safe travels peeps and continue to follow our CAN I HELP CHOO GUIDE for Freshies!

Psssssttt…. don’t forget to say hello to our very own #tpcat when you see him at the bus stop!


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Mar 2014

Yes Can I Help Choo! #1 – Food off campus for $5!

Alright freshies listen up! You are about to embark on the next step in your academic journey and we understand that your new surroundings might be unfamiliar for you. In the first of a four-part series aptly titled ‘Yes, Can I help choo!’, we look at food in and around school, how to get to school and also the facilities right here on campus.

We couldn’t think of a better way to kick start things but food. So here we go!

Like any other tertiary student, we know food is a big part of your daily routine. With your voracious appetites and hectic schedules, it is important to refuel over a good meal before soldiering on with assignments.

Eating on campus is the best way to save money but if you’ve breaks in between lectures, venture out to the nearby coffee shops and you will still find budget meals that taste good.

Wanton Noodles at 820 Kopitiam – Block 820 Tampines Street 81

Price: $3/$3.50

What We Think


The most important component of any dish would be taste and the wanton noodles here don’t disappoint. Coming in the soup and dry variants, the noodles were nice and springy. A good start we say!  As we delved deeper into our chilli-laden bowl, we found little bits of lard! The tiny morsels certainly added flavour to the dish and I have to admit I love lard! A word of caution though, the chilli is potent! For those with intolerance for spiciness, less is definitely better!

The Char Siew served with the noodles was also tasty and tender. The meat wasn’t too fat either, which is a big plus point for students who are health conscious. The only gripe we had was that the Char Siew was a little too thinly sliced. A negligible factor though in terms of taste.

Finally the main highlight of the dish, the wantons. Filled with mince pork, they were delicious! Five yummy wantons came with our noodles and each one was an awesome ball of rich juice and nicely seasoned meat

The portion of the dish really depends on your appetite. The $3.00 serving gets you a decent amount of noodles, char siew and three wantons. For those with a healthier appetite, you can opt for the $3.50 option. This would get you a very generous amount of noodles, char siew and five wantons. Either way, each of the two portions is sure to leave you filled up.

At $3 and $3.50 we found the price to be reasonable considering the portions we received. Located a short walk away from campus, this kopitiam is a must visit for all you freshies!


Habibie Seafood at 829 Food Court – Block 829 Tampines Street 81

Dish: Crispy Noodles with Beef

Price: $4.50

What We Think


Habibie is one food stall that has staff and students constantly raving over it. Located at the 829 food court, this stall is almost an institution on its own. We put its food to the test and judge if its dishes live up to their hype.

The first thing that greets us at the food court is the huge crowd and long queue at the stall. We were hoping that the Singaporean belief of long queue=good food had some truth to it.  And boy was that belief true!

Barely ten minutes after placing my order, I was greeted with a piping hot plate of crispy noodles. Very prompt service. A definite plus considering the hectic schedules many of you will be having.

Now down to the dish. The noodles that arrived were still crispy and heaped in a neat pile on the plate. I could still feel the crunch of the noodles as I took my first bite. The gravy that accompanied the noodles was also really tasty. The consistency was nice and thick and not diluted at all. Adorned all over the plate was a generous serving of chunky beef slices.

With regards to portion, the sizeable amount of noodles and beef ensured we left with a full tummy. At $4.50 it might be a tad bit on the pricey side but the quality of the food more than compensates for the price.


Chicken Rice at 826 Food Court – Block 86 Tampines Street 81

Dish: Roasted Chicken rice

Price: $2

What We Think


We’d heard about a chicken rice stall that was creating quite a stir and we decided to pay a visit during lunchtime. Upon arrival at the food court, we were greeted with yet another long queue. It was only after placing our order that we realised what the commotion was all about. $2 per plate. Ok, I repeat. $2 PER PLATE!!!!

Don’t be fooled by the cheap price as the portion was more than decent. The chicken rice came with thick slices of meat and an egg! Most stalls would charge you extra for the egg, but this stall adds it into your regular order.  We were pleasantly surprised. The price and portion had definitely whet our appetites and we could not wait to dig in.

But how would it rate in terms of taste, the most important aspect of any dish? It was actually pretty good! The chicken was both tasty and tender. The rice was nice and fragrant too. The egg which was boiled in soya sauce was also good and accompanied the dish really well. The chilli, which is an important part of any chicken rice, was also really good too. The chilli had a nice tang to it and had a pleasant ginger flavour to it. It was pretty spicy though, so once again if you have a low tolerance for spiciness, go easy on the chilli! You will thank us for it!


We just might have uncovered a hidden gem right here in Tampines. We are pretty sure that this stall is going to have a strong following in the future due to its affordable prices and good food.

So there you have it. A couple of stalls for lunch just to get you started but we can guarantee that within three months of being at TP, you will have your own favourite food stalls. You can always drop us an email with the location and some foodie pictures. Share leh!



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